April 15-19, 2017

We were advised by our friend, Erick, to go to the Disneyland 12 in the afternoon, so he can ask his co-worker in Disneyland to give us passes to enter the park for free. Every Disneyland employee is entitled for 3 free passes per day but we’re 5 in the group that’s why we needed 2 Disneyland employees to get us all in for free.

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We rode the MTR from Tsim Sha Tsui to Disneyland Resort for HK$20.10 (PhP142.10)  for around 50 minutes. The use of Google Maps is very helpful in Hong Kong because they have a very efficient public transportation system.

Mandatory PhotoOp at the Arch of Hong Kong Disneyland

A regular adult pass in Hong Kong Disneyland Resort costs HK$589 (PhP4,123), HK$419 (PhP2,933) for kids, and HK$100 (PhP700) for senior citizens. You can also buy discounted Disneyland tickets in your hotel or hostel. You can also check Holiday World Tours website for discounted tickets, an adult ticket costs HK$515 (PhP3,605) and HK$370 (PhP2,590) for a child ticket.

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Upon entering, you would be greeted by these famous fountain and the Mickey Mouse made of flowers.



Upon entering Disneyland, be sure to find the cart for guide maps and time of events guide. You may also download their official mobile app on App Store or on Google Play Store for maps and guides. These are very important for your survival inside the Disneyland Resort.

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One of the iconic structures in any Disneyland is the Sleeping Beauty Castle. It is the one we always see in every opening of a Disney movie or show. Seeing the castle for the first time is ecstatic, amusing, and surreal. It can bring the kid out of you, maybe not unless if you’re super duper kill joy. Disneyland is truly the happiest place on Earth.

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One of the nicest and coolest attraction in Hong Kong Disneyland is the Iron Man Experience. It is a virtual reality using 3D glasses with moving seats and wind rushing your face that lets you feel you’re in a real ride inside a ship. It’s just amazing on how they made it feel so real. Did I say it’s amazing?

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Star Wars Hyperspace Mountain is located at Tomorrowland, it is an indoor roller coaster that let’s you experience Star Wars warship feels. It has a lot of surprises and sure it is enjoyable even if it is not that extreme. Disneyland is really good in making surprises and combining with amazing technology for a more enjoyable ride.

The musical play in Fantasyland is my favorite because our friend, Erick is one of the performers. This was the reason we went to Hong Kong! It’s just difficult to watch Mickey and Goofy because they speaking in Cantonese and you need to read the English subtitles on the top most right of the stage. But overall it’s really entertaining and I really love Disney music. Be sure to check on the schedule and plan your activities so you won’t miss the shows.

Starliner Diner

Our food in Disneyland has cost us HK$92 (PhP644) for 2-piece chicken with fries and large drink + HK$18 (PhP126) for one cup of rice. A total of HK$110 (PhP775) good for 2 persons. We ate at Starliner Diner located at the Tomorrowland. The water is free because there a lot drinking fountain inside, just bring your own water bottle.

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The Mystic Manor is a museum you’ll explore aboard the Mystic Magneto-Electic Carriage. Though it’s not that scary and thrilling, what’s amazing about this ride is that it doesn’t use a railway. The carriages are like remote-controlled and programmed to move and stop-over a specific spot while the museum entertains you.

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Big Grizzly Mountain Runaway Mine Cars is an outdoor roller coaster packed with surprises and it’s a more thrilling ride. The first round was a more chill ride then it goes backward then an explosion will make your ride very quick and very fun. We were wailing the whole time because we’re having so much fun. We had so much fun that we rode it twice.

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The Liong King Festival, a musical extravaganza performed in the Theater in the Wild. It is a retelling of Simba’s story with Timon and Pumbaa. If you were born in 90’s or earlier, it’ll give you nostalgia and goosebumps. It feels like you’re a kid again and it brings back the sweet memories of your childhood. It was so fun hearing again those songs live from The Lion King movie, it makes me so emotional. I really love the two Chinese Lemurs, they are so cute I wanna bring them home. Haha!

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The last ride we tried is the RC Racer in Toy Story Land. It is a still shutter roller coaster, a U-shaped railway that makes the ride go back and forth for four times. This ride made me feel sick after we rode it twice. I really hate heights and it gets really high and very steep, the G-force of the ride makes feel like my stomach is being pushed so hard. Luckily I didn’t throw-up but it really made me dizzy.

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The Disney Paint the Night the Parade is one of the must-see. The parade is highlighted with colorful LED lights in a dark background while marching across the street. The lights are fabulous and very pleasing for the eyes. They are even more better in photos.

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The fireworks behind the Sleeping Beauty Castle is also iconic to Disney and Disneyland. It caps off the day and the end of it signals people that it’s closing time and it’s time to go home. Too bad I wasn’t able to capture it on video.

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Discounted Disneyland Ticket                     515.00              3,605.00
Late Lunch at Starliner Diner HK$110 for 2                       55.00                 387.50
TOTAL                     570.00              3,992.50

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